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Reprot Problems !

Paytakht : پایتخت (مجموعه تلویزیونی) : is an Iranian TV series in the comedy genre, directed by Sirous Moghaddam and produced by Elham Ghafouri. The show has been broadcasted over six seasons on Channel One of IRIB. The story revolves around the humorous and sometimes poignant adventures of the "Ordinary Family," led by Naqi Ma’mooli, as they navigate life's challenges and cultural shifts, particularly when they move from their small village, Aliabad, to Tehran, the bustling capital of Iran.

Season 1 (2011): The first season follows the Ma’mooli family's relocation to Tehran. However, upon their arrival, they encounter numerous problems: their landlord dies, and the heirs refuse to hand over the house, forcing them to live in a truck owned by Arastoo (Ahmad Mehranfar) due to the issues they face in Tehran.

Season 2 (2013): Naqi works in dome and minaret construction and, with Arastoo's truck, becomes responsible for transporting a dome and minaret to a village in Qeshm. They encounter a series of entertaining events along the way, including a telephone contest, getting stuck in a restaurant, towing council officials' vehicles, and Arastoo falling in love.

Season 3 (2014): Arastoo falls in love for the third time and plans …

Director :

Sirous Moghadam

Writer :

Mohsen Tanabande