Hooman Hajabdollahi
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Hooman Hajabdollahi

Birthday: June 14, 1974
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: ['هومن حاجی\u200cعبداللهی']

Persian Name: هومن حاجی

Hooman Hajabdollahi's Biography

Hooman Hajabdollahi...

Houman Haji Abdollahi, born on July 14, 1975, in Tehran, is a renowned Iranian actor, TV presenter, voice actor, and dubber. His wife, Salimeh Ghazbani, is also active in the field of dubbing and voice acting. Abdollahi is best known for his role as "Rahmatollah Amini Shalikari of Hazarjarib" and has briefly been a member of the Young Voice Actors Association. He won the Best Actor award for his performance in "The Reincarnation of Thirty-Five Thousand Toman" at the 37th Fajr International Theater Festival in the "Iran Two" theater competition section.


2005: "How Much Do You Cry?"
2006: "Catch Me If You Can"
2011: "Octopus" as Ruby
2014: "Guinness"
2017: "White Forehead 2" as Ruby
2018: "White Forehead 3" as Ruby/Cow
2018: "Samurai in Berlin"
2019: "Torghozabad"
2020: "On the Edge"
2022: "Seven Springs of Orange"
2023: "Seaweed"
Abdollahi's diverse roles across cinema and his achievements in theater underscore his versatility and talent in the Iranian entertainment industry.

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