Series : Heysiaate Gomshodeh

Heysiaate Gomshodeh
Heysiaate Gomshodeh

Heysiaate Gomshodeh

سریال حیثیت گمشده






Heysiaate Gomshodeh | سریال حیثیت گمشده

Reprot Problems !

Heysiaate Gomshodeh : Amir and Hajar, who have faced the heartbreaking struggle of infertility for many years, navigate a poignant and challenging life together. Their journey is marked by the absence of the children they've longed for, casting a shadow over their shared existence. One fateful day, the trajectory of their lives takes a tragic turn.

Amidst the routine of Amir's workplace, an unexpected phone call shatters the fragile equilibrium of their world. The news is devastating—Hajar has been involved in an accident, cradling an unknown baby who, tragically, did not survive. This unforeseen event becomes a profound moment that not only alters their lives but also unravels the threads of their shared aspirations and dreams. The couple is left to grapple with the complexities of grief, loss, and the profound impact of an incident that forever changes the course of their journey together.

Director :

Sajad Pahlevanzadeh