Elnaz Habibi
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Elnaz Habibi

Birthday: Aug. 12, 1989
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['الناز حبیبی']

Persian Name: الناز حبیبی

Elnaz Habibi's Biography

Elnaz Habibi...

Elnaz Habibi embarked on her artistic journey at a young age, initially gracing the stage in theater productions. In 1997, she began collaborating with the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents, marking the commencement of her diverse artistic contributions. While participating in various TV series and movies, it was under the direction of Saeed Soltani that she found a more profound commitment to her craft, featuring in three of his films.

Notably, Elnaz Habibi's dedication to the cinematic realm extended to a trio of collaborations with filmmaker Kianoosh Ayari, further solidifying her presence in the film industry. Her evolution as an actress, coupled with her notable roles, underscores her commitment to the art form and positions her as a compelling talent within the realm of Iranian cinema.

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