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Setareh Baazi : "ستاره بازی" (Stareh Bazi), directed by the renowned Iranian filmmaker Hatif Alimardani, delves into the themes of alienation and loneliness in society. The story revolves around a young girl named Melisa (Melisa Zahedi) who faces challenges after immigrating to a new country. She interacts with new acquaintances and strangers, getting entangled in social and cultural conflicts.

By focusing on everyday life and social contradictions, the film has managed to present a realistic and dark portrayal of people's lives in society. Hatif Alimardani, as a social director, accurately highlights the hidden aspects of life. However, there are critiques regarding the screenplay structure and cinematography, suggesting areas for improvement.

Moreover, it seems that this film is more appealing to audiences interested in social issues and those willing to delve into the darker and more complex aspects of human life. "ستاره بازی" is intriguing as a new work by Hatif Alimardani, emphasizing social issues and the complexities of life, successfully capturing the attention of viewers. While facing critiques in various aspects, the film has established a close connection with a broad spectrum of audiences.

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