Shabnam Moghadami
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Shabnam Moghadami

Birthday: March 23, 1972
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['شبنم مقدمی', 'Shabnam Moqadami', 'Shabnam Moghadammi', 'Shabnam Moghaddami']

Persian Name: شبنم مقدمی

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Shabnam Moghadami (شبنم مقدمی) born in 1973 in Tehran, is an Iranian actress and radio narrator. She graduated from Amin Tarokh Actor's school in 2000. She is known for Today (2014), Acre (2013), Laboratory (2012), Kissing the Moon-Like Face (2012), Women Behind Bars (2008), There's Always a Woman in Between (2008), The Earth Child (2008), The Reward of Silence (2007), Zeestan (2002). Moghadami also starred in several Iranian TV shows such as Madineh (2014), Soghoote Yek Fereshteh (2011), Ashpaz Bashi (2009) and Zire Tigh (2006). More recently, Shabnam Moghadami appeared in Borzo Niknejad's second feature film 'Zapas'.

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