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Bonbast : بن‌بست (فیلم ۱۳۵۷) : "Dead End" is a film directed and written by Parviz Sayyad, made in Iran in 1978. The movie is based on the short story "From the Diary of a Young Girl" by Anton Chekhov.

A young girl, played by Mary Apick, lives with her mother, portrayed by Apik Yousifian, in a house at the end of a dead-end alley. On a rainy day, as the girl looks out of the window onto the street, she notices a man, Parviz Bahador, standing outside their house, holding an umbrella in the rain and looking up at her window. This situation repeats over several days, with the man appearing in the alley outside the girl's house every day. Believing that the man is interested in her, the girl becomes attracted to him. However, the situation takes a turn when the girl's brother, Bahman Zarrinpour, who is often away on trips, returns home after a long journey. Upon his arrival, the mysterious man enters their home and reveals himself as a police officer there to arrest the brother.

Cast and Roles:

Mary Apick as the young girl
Apik Yousifian as the mother of the young girl
Bahman Zarrinpour as the brother of the young girl
Parviz Bahador as the mysterious man
"Dead End" unfolds as a drama with elements of suspense and intrigue, exploring themes of misunderstanding and the impact of assumptions on human relationships.

Parviz Sayyad
Parviz Sayyad
March 22, 1939
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Mary Apick
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Apick Youssefian
Apick Youssefian
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