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Sanjar Khan

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Sanjar Khan : سریال سنجر خان : The historical TV series "Sanjar Khan," written by the late Ziaeddin Dorri, brings to life the story of one of the Kurdish heroes, portrayed by the local Kurdish-speaking actor Farshid Goylili. The series also features prominent actors such as Mahmoud Pak Niat, Ahmad Najafi, Jalil Farjad, and Payam Dehkordi, enhancing the narrative with their performances. Produced by Saeed Jalali and directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi, "Sanjar Khan" consists of 26 episodes that delve into the valiant exploits of its titular character.

Set to broadcast on IRIB TV1, "Sanjar Khan" airs nightly at 22:15 starting from February 13, with reruns available the following day at 15:00. This scheduling offers viewers ample opportunity to engage with this captivating portrayal of Kurdish heroism.

"Sanjar Khan" is set around the year 1917 and narrates the life of Sanjar Khan, contemporaneous with Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali, another renowned Kurdish hero. The series is set against the backdrop of World War I, a tumultuous period during which Russian and British forces invaded various regions of Iran, including Kurdistan. Amidst the chaos and disorder that engulfed Kurdistan with the Russian invasion from the north, the society was plagued by horrifying nightly murders and looting. In these dire circumstances, Sanjar Khan Waziri Naranji, also known as Sardar Akram, stood firm against the Russian forces, striving to halt their aggressive actions.

Through its gripping narrative and historical context, "Sanjar Khan" not only pays tribute to the courage and resilience of Kurdish leaders but also sheds light on a critical period in Iranian history. The series promises to be a profound exploration of resistance, heroism, and the enduring spirit of a people fighting against foreign invasion and oppression.

Alireza Osivand
Alireza Osivand
Oct. 22, 1957
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Mahmoud Pakniat
Mahmoud Pakniat
Dec. 31, 1952
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Payam Dehkordi
Payam Dehkordi
May 10, 1977
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