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Capitan Man | کاپیتان من

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Capitan Man : An adventurous journey in the wonderful world of the brain.

The documentary film "Capitan Man" is a scientific exploration of the human brain, directed by Siavash Safarianpour and produced by Bahram Radan between the years 2018 and 2023. The film follows Bahram Radan's years-long journey of research and discoveries, delving into the significance of the brain. Radan serves as the narrator, exploring topics such as the formation of the brain structure in the first thousand days of life, the mechanism of memory, and the process of remembering and recalling memories in the hippocampus.

This marks Siavash Safarianpour's first cinematic experience as a director after years of creating popular science programs on television, such as "Aseman-e Shab" (Night Sky), "Kando," and "Charkh" (Wheel). Choosing the captivating subject of the human brain, Bahram Radan makes an intelligent and challenging decision. Unlike other cinema stars, Radan has refrained from television performances throughout his career, and now he opts to narrate a scientific documentary to explore a new genre in cinema.

The film begins with Bahram Radan on the red carpet, where everyone calls his name. However, for Radan, the precise meaning of the word "I" is …

Director :

Siavash SaffarianPour

Writer :

Mehrdad Naeimi