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Aghaye Gharne Bistom

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Aghaye Gharne Bistom : آقای قرن بیستم : "Mr. Twentieth Century" is a film directed and written by Siamak Yasemi, produced in 1964.

Plot Summary:
The story centers around Dash Habib, who lives with his sick mother. His life is dedicated to shoe shining and caring for the needy...


Mohammad Ali Fardin
Rafi Halati
Fereydoun Nariman
Akbar Khajavi
Abdollah Mohammadi
Dariush Asadzadeh
Mohammad Haqiqi
Ali Ashtiani
This film, with its unique narrative and heartwarming portrayal of altruism, reflects the societal values and challenges of its time. Through the character of Dash Habib, it brings to light the importance of kindness and helping those less fortunate. The cast, featuring prominent figures of Iranian cinema such as Mohammad Ali Fardin and Dariush Asadzadeh, adds depth and charisma to this cinematic piece, making it a memorable representation of Iranian film in the mid-20th century.

Mohamad Ali Fardin
Mohamad Ali Fardin
Feb. 4, 1931
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Dariush Asadzade
Dariush Asadzade
Jan. 8, 1923
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Feb. 4, 1934
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