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Mardane Ahanin

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Mardane Ahanin : مردان آهنین : "Mardane Ahanin" or "Strongest Men of Iran" competition was a televised sports event aimed at selecting the strongest man in Iran and sending them to international competitions. The competition was held in several different periods, including in the years 1377, 1380, from 1383 to 1391, and 1397, broadcasted on Channel Three, and in 1403 on Sports Channel.

The idea for the competition was initially conceived by Omid Mohammadian Amiri, the former head of the Asian Strongest Men Confederation. The first edition of the competition took place in 1377 under his direction. The competition aired weekly for 26 weeks on Channel Three and concluded with Mehraab Fatemi as the champion.

Following disagreements between Omid Mohammadian Amiri and the sports directors of Channel Three, the name of the program was changed to "Mardane Ahanin" and Mahmoud Rezaei took over its production from 1380 onwards. Unlike the first edition, the broadcast of Mardane Ahanin competition from 1380 onwards was concentrated during the Nowruz holidays.

Aliram Nouraei
Aliram Nouraei
April 7, 1977
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