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Marekeh : مسابقه معرکه : The "Maarakeh" competition, hosted by Javad Rezvaniyan, kicked off on the night of 23rd Dey and aired on Channel 3. The competition bears noticeable similarities in overall design to the concept and structure of the "Sedato" show on the home entertainment network.

The trend of familiar faces returning to the television screen is gaining momentum day by day. Simultaneously with the release of teasers for "Pantoolig," hosted by Mohammad Reza Golzar, Javad Rezvaniyan also appeared on Channel 3 last night. This marks another attempt to revive television from the crisis of audience engagement by introducing yet another familiar personality.

However, it is crucial to note that the mere presence of a beloved figure may not be sufficient to increase television program viewership. Before anything else, there needs to be a space for creative thinking, and innovative ideas for program production, especially in the realm of competition shows, should be developed.

One of the latest programs that premiered on television last night is the "Maarakeh" competition. A simple observation reveals that its initial idea is borrowed from the "Sedato" competition, which was broadcast on the Filimo platform, with some modifications in execution presented to the audience. It is worth recalling that "Sedato" itself was inspired by a foreign example, highlighting the flawed cycle of idea generation in the creation of entertaining TV programs.

What follows is the report by "Faraarou" from the first episode of the "Maarakeh" program hosted by Javad Rezvaniyan.

Javad Razavian
Javad Razavian
Aug. 27, 1974
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