Javad Razavian
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Javad Razavian

Birthday: Aug. 27, 1974
Place of birth: Qom, Iran
Also known as: ['جواد رضویان', 'Javad Razavian', 'Javad Razaviyan']

Persian Name: جواد رضویان

Javad Razavian's Biography

Javad Razavian...

Javad Razavian جواد رضویان : (born August 27, 1974) stands as a distinguished Iranian actor and director with a rich and diverse career.

Biography: Hailing from Qom and born to a Yazdi father and a Qomi mother, Razavian serendipitously found his way into the world of acting. During his initial university years, the guidance of peers such as Mehran Ghafourian, Amir Ghaffarmanesh, and Bijan Banafshekhah propelled him into the realm of performing arts. Since 1994, Razavian has been an active figure in the acting scene.

While his debut in the sitcom "Sibe Khandeh" marked his entry into television, it was the collaboration with director Mehran Modiri in the series "Powerful" that catapulted him to widespread acclaim and recognition. This success was replicated in subsequent collaborations, earning him prestigious awards. Notably, his roles in the series "Dar Hashieh" and "Dar Hashieh 2" solidified Razavian's position as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Despite venturing into directorial roles, particularly in the series "Sefr Bist o Yek," replicating the success achieved as an actor proved elusive. Razavian has also showcased his talents in telefilms and ventured into the music scene, releasing albums such as the latest one titled "Lehaf Dozi."

The actor, who is the proud father of a daughter named Yamin Razavian, initially bid farewell to television at the end of 2015 after being recognized as one of the distinguished actors on the "Three Stars" program. However, in a turn of events, he made a poignant return to television, gracing series like "Neighbors" and "Sefr Bist o Yek."

On March 19, 2016, in a tearful announcement, Razavian declared his departure from television, expressing his decision to permanently step away from the medium. Despite this, he later made a comeback, participating in noteworthy series and showcasing the enduring allure of his talent.

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