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Ghaazie Sheytaan | قاضی شیطان

Ghaazie Sheytaan : قاضی شیطان : depicts a dystopian society in an idealistic city plagued by numerous problems. All governmental authorities in this fictional society are corrupt and criminal, turning a blind eye to the atrocities occurring in the city. However, amidst this terrifying society, a hero emerges. Although he is addressed as the devil, he walks the path of justice.

Kang Yo-han is the chief judge of the country's judicial system, whose life undergoes a transformation after a fire incident. In this fire, he loses his family and dedicates his life to protecting his nephew afterward.

After being appointed as the chief judge, Kang Yo-han decides to involve the people of the city in their decision-making and experiments with a new method for conducting his trials. In this regard, he and his colleagues design an application through which people can participate live in court proceedings and witness the events. Additionally, this application includes buttons, each corresponding to a judicial verdict, allowing people to participate in the final court decision by voting.

Ghaazie Sheytaan
Ghaazie Sheytaan


  • Original title
    Ghaazie Sheytaan
  • Alternative titles
    قاضی شیطان
  • Country
  • Language
  • Runtime
    59 Min
  • Release Day
  • Release date
    May 1, 2024
  • Status
    End Season 1