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Afghanistan International : Afghanistan International (AITV): Unveiling a Global Perspective

About AITV: Afghanistan International (AITV), افغانستان اینترنشنال, stands as a news and current affairs television station headquartered in London, England. Tailored for Afghans and the diaspora, AITV broadcasts free-to-air on the TürkmenÄlem 52°E / MonacoSAT satellite, offering coverage across Europe and Asia, including Afghanistan. The station has a notable radio relay transmission via shortwave (7600 kHz) and a global reach through online streaming platforms.


  • AITV was inaugurated on August 15, 2021, emerging as a sister station to Iran International.
  • Originally planned for launch on the International Day of Peace, the station commenced earlier due to the urgent situation in Afghanistan during the Taliban's capture of Kabul.
  • AITV swiftly gained popularity as a leading news channel for Afghanistan, attributed to its comprehensive coverage and commitment to reporting freedom.
  • In August 2023, AITV expanded its linguistic offerings by introducing Pashto language broadcasts.

Programs and Content:

  • AITV boasts a dedicated team of journalists stationed in London and Washington D.C., ensuring a global perspective on news coverage.
  • The station not only provides news and debates but also delves into documentary production.
  • "Maydan," AITV's flagship program, serves as a platform that brings together policymakers and thinkers from around the world in London to discuss current affairs in Afghanistan.

Global Reach:

  • AITV's satellite broadcasts cover Europe and Asia, with particular attention to Afghanistan.
  • The shortwave radio relay enhances accessibility, ensuring audiences can tune in from various locations.
  • The station's presence on online streaming platforms allows a worldwide audience to engage with its diverse content.

AITV has swiftly established itself as a crucial source of information and discussion for the Afghan community and the diaspora. By combining a global perspective with in-depth coverage, AITV continues to play a vital role in providing news, debates, and insightful discussions on Afghanistan's evolving landscape.