Shoorangiz Tabatabai
Shoorangiz Tabatabai's Details

Shoorangiz Tabatabai

Birthday: Jan. 16, 1957
Place of birth: Lahijan, Iran
Also known as: ['شورانگيز طباطبايی']

Persian Name: شورانگيز طباطبايی

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Shoorangiz Tabatabai's Biography

Shoorangiz Tabatabai...

Shoorangiz Tabatabai : Shourangiz Tabatabaei, also known by the stage name "Katherine," is an Iranian actress who was active in cinema before the revolution.

Biography: She entered the cinema with the pseudonym "Katherine" in the film "Akbar Delmagh," directed by Khosrow Parviz. Prior to this film, she had also acted in a film titled "Khoshm and Khun and Taher," which had not yet been released. Her performance in the film "Akbar Delmagh" was a launching pad for Shourangiz Tabatabaei, and due to her unique beauty, she quickly gained the attention of filmmakers. Her salary increased from thirty thousand rials to three hundred thousand rials.

Shourangiz Tabatabaei played roles in several notable films known as "Film Farsi." One of her most diverse films, according to IMDb, is the film "Kaniz." After the revolution in 1357 (1979), she married Mohammad Saleh-Ola. She holds a diploma in photography.

General Information:

  • Started her activity in cinema in 1352 (1973) with a role in the film "Taher."
  • Possesses a diploma in photography.
  • Notable films include "Akbar Delmagh" and "Kaniz."

Note: The information provided is a summary and might not cover all details of Shourangiz Tabatabaei's life and career.

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