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Kalak Nazan Khoshkele

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Kalak Nazan Khoshkele : کلک نزن خوشگله : is a film directed by Saeed Matloubi and written by Mehdi Ma'danian, released in the year 1355 (1976).

Plot Summary: Fati (Shourangiz Tabatabaei) and her brother (Kazem Afrandnia) resort to illegal activities to support their father, who is addicted. Fati, with a calculated plan, enters the life of a trusted and reputable man named Kazem (Naser Malek Motiei). After a while, Fati's brother files a complaint against Kazem, accusing him of deceiving their sister. Over time, Kazem's dignity and reputation become tarnished due to his association with Fati. However, Kazem decides to marry Fati.


  • Naser Malek Motiei
  • Bahman Mofid
  • Shourangiz Tabatabaei
  • Rouhollah Mofidi
  • Hamideh Khairabadi
  • Abbas Nazari Nik
  • Sara
  • Dadashi
  • Abbas Mokhtari
  • Zabihollah Zabihpoor
  • Reza Hajian
  • Safer Ali Amini
  • Kazem Afrandnia
  • Jalal Mosavi

Hamide Kheyrabadi
Hamide Kheyrabadi
Dec. 22, 1924
Views: 334
Bahman Mofid
Bahman Mofid
Aug. 27, 1942
Views: 288
Naser Malek Motiee
Naser Malek Motiee
April 11, 1930
Views: 316
Shoorangiz Tabatabai
Shoorangiz Tabatabai
Jan. 16, 1957
Views: 254