Hossein gil

حسین گیل

Hossein gil | حسین گیل

Hossein Gil : حسین گیل : (born December 15, 1945) is a former Iranian cinema and television actor.

Life: Hossein Gil was born on December 15, 1945, in Marvdasht, Shiraz. He began his acting career in cinema in 1965 with a small role in "Ranandegan-e Jahannam" directed by Reza Fazeli. He also served as the manager and founder of the film company "Tolo-e Fajr" during the war.

After the Revolution: Hossein Gil, who appeared in negative roles in pre-revolutionary films, joined the revolutionaries after the Islamic Revolution. Coming from a background in martial arts, he used his expertise in combat sports to train the soldiers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in personal defense, contributing significantly during the Iran-Iraq War.

In recognition of his "unblemished services to the Islamic Revolution on the battlefield," he was promoted to the rank of Sardar (Commander). Despite his military involvement, he did not distance himself from cinema entirely. In several post-revolutionary films, he took on roles different from his previous characters, showcasing his acting abilities while staying true to his commitment to the revolution.

Hossein gil


  • Original title
    Hossein gil
  • Persian Name
    حسین گیل
  • Birthday
    Dec. 15, 1945
  • Born in
    Marvdasht, Shiraz
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  • Also know as :
    [حسین گیل]

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