Shabe Bisto Nohom : شب بیست و نهم : "Shab-e Bist-o Noh" is a horror film directed and produced by Hamid Rakhshani. It was produced in the winter of 1367 (1988) and released in 1368 (1989). The screenplay is a collaboration between Hamid Rakhshani and Ebrahim Mansouri.

Plot Summary: From childhood, Morteza and Esmaeil are designated to marry each other according to a family tradition. Morteza's father becomes concerned about Morteza's future upon seeing a jinn behind their house when Morteza is born and his twin is buried. Years later, during the summer of 1963, rumors of an earthquake in Tehran spread. The city is evacuated. On the way back home, Morteza sees the jinn on the roof of their house and moments later, in the kitchen, he encounters the jinn coming towards him with a terrifying sound.


  • Hossein Gil as Hossein Alishah
  • Reza Roygari as Haj Esmaeil
  • Reza Rakhshani as Rajab, Haj Esmaeil's father
  • Zhila Shahbazi (credited as Azam Mousavi in the opening credits) as Ma'soumeh, Morteza's mother
  • Marjan Gholchin as Morteza
  • Hamideh Khairabadi
  • Esmat Rezaei as Atefeh
  • Mandana Aslani as Zahra, Atefeh's sister
  • Anik Shafrazian as Ma'soumeh's mother
  • Mandana Babakhani as Safiyeh, Haj Esmaeil's sister-in-law
  • Hossein Shahab as Akbar, Atefeh's first husband
  • Mansour Heidari as Ase, the doctor's assistant
  • Eisa Safaee as Nazem al-Atba, the hospital supervisor

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  • Release date : Jan. 1, 1988
  • Director : Hamid Rakhshani
  • Actors: Marjaneh Golchin Marjaneh Golchin, Hamide Kheyrabadi Hamide Kheyrabadi, Hossein gil Hossein gil, Reza Rouygari Reza Rouygari
  • Writer : Hamid Rakhshani
  • Genre : horror
  • IMDB Rating : 7
  • Language : Persian
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  • Tags: شب بیست و نهم Shab-e bist o nohom filme shabe bisto nohom فیلم شب بیست و نهم فیلم شب بیست و نهم نی نی سایت تریلر فیلم شب بیست و نهم فیلم سینمایی شب بیست و یکم داستان کامل فیلم شب بیست و نهم ایرانی
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