Ashkan Khatibi
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Ashkan Khatibi

Birthday: Nov. 10, 1978
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Also known as: ['اشکان خطیبی']

Persian Name: اشکان خطیبی

Ashkan Khatibi's Biography

Ashkan Khatibi...

Ashkan Khatibi, born on October 10th, 1978, is a versatile Iranian personality known for his roles as an actor, singer, presenter, producer, and director. He pursued his education, earning a bachelor's degree in theater from the Faculty of Art and Architecture at Azad University.

In the realm of music, Ashkan Khatibi, along with Babak Saeedi, founded a music group named Apollon in 2000. The group specialized in Iranian rock music. Despite his initial involvement, he later departed from the group. Khatibi is skilled in playing musical instruments, including the piano, guitar, and occasionally the harmonica.

Beyond his involvement in music and acting, Ashkan Khatibi has showcased his linguistic abilities by translating English plays into Persian. Additionally, he holds the position of manager for the Traffic music group. Notably, Khatibi follows a vegetarian lifestyle.

His diverse talents and contributions in various artistic and musical fields have contributed to his recognition and success in the Iranian entertainment industry.





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