Andisheh Fouladvand
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Andisheh Fouladvand

Birthday: Sept. 29, 1983
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: ['Andisheh Fooladvand']

Persian Name: اندیشه فولادوند

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Andisheh Fouladvand...

Andisheh Fooladvand (born October 29, 1982) is an Iranian actor in cinema, television, and theater, as well as a poet. One of his most popular works is his role in the television series "Bazgasht" (The Returnee).

His professional debut in cinema was playing the role of "Negar" in the film "Friday Soldiers," directed by Masoud Kimiai. He has also played roles in films such as "Maryam Moghaddas," the trilogy of "Stars," "Stone, Paper, Scissors," "Four-Fingered," "Saint Petersburg," and "Irandokht."

Biography Fooladvand was born in 1982 at the 503 Army Hospital in Tehran. He holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy and Islamic theology.

Although his first film was "Maryam Moghaddas," his first professional appearance was in Masoud Kimiai's film "Friday Soldiers." After this film, he took a break from cinema until his return with the film "Stars," directed by Fereydoun Jirani. Following that, he resumed his acting career and won the Best Leading Actress Palm at the third Jam Jam Film Festival for his role in the film "Stone," directed by Ebrahim Forouzesh.

Andisheh Fooladvand is also a poet. In 2008, he published a poetry book titled "Aatsehaye Nahs" (Accursed Sneezes) by Thaleth Publications, which received widespread recognition in literary circles. Thirteen pieces from the poems of this book were performed by the contemporary poet, known as "Akharin Harf Ma'asr," with music by Fariborz Lachini, and were unveiled in February 2012. His second poetry book, titled "Shoot, Comrade," was published in 2014 by Thaleth Publications. He also released an album titled "Yek Khiabane Sehme Yek Afsane Nist" in 2013, featuring his poems centered around war, with music by Karen Homayounfar.

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