سریال دراکولا | March 21, 2021

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Derakoola : سریال دراکولا : Unraveling the Intriguing Tale of Wealth and Deception

Introduction: "Derakoola" enters its second season as part of the captivating domestic series "Hiyola," commencing its broadcast on March 22, 2021. With episodes spanning approximately 55 minutes each, the series maintains its allure, with Amir Brothers returning as the writer and Peyman Qasemkhani as the script's designer and supervisor. Filming for "Derakoola" Season 2 commenced in February 2021.

Plot Summary: The storyline revolves around the extravagant birthday celebration organized by Jaleh Kabiri, the newlywed wife of Kamran Kamrava. Having been married to Kamran for three years, Jaleh orchestrates a lavish birthday bash, inviting acquaintances and friends to showcase their wealth. Meanwhile, Kamran Kamrava, involved in a new charity venture for child labor, continues his involvement in money laundering activities. He hires the services of the cunning Mehran MehrAfvazon for his dubious operations. The ostentatious party unfolds, introducing us to the new friends and family in Kamrava's life.

Key Characters:

  • Jaleh Kabiri (Played by [Actress Name]): Kamran Kamrava's wife and the mastermind behind the extravagant birthday celebration.
  • Kamran Kamrava (Played by [Actor Name]): The central character, married to Jaleh, involved in both charity work and clandestine money laundering.
  • Mehran MehrAfvazon (Played by [Actor Name]): A cunning individual hired by Kamran for his dubious financial operations.

Conclusion: As "Derakoola" Season 2 unfolds, viewers can anticipate a blend of opulence, deception, and the intricate dynamics of Kamran Kamrava's dual life. The series promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats with its compelling narrative and well-crafted characters.

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Mehran Modiri

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Mehran Modiri

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March 21, 2021

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