Molaghat Konandeh : "Uninvited Guest" - Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's Thought-Provoking Masterpiece

"Uninvited Guest" is a compelling work by the French writer, philosopher, and playwright, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Set against the backdrop of World War II, the narrative unfolds in the throes of conflict. Dr. Freud and his daughter, Anna, find themselves in a precarious situation due to their Jewish heritage, presenting an opportunity to escape the turmoil and seek refuge in a safer haven. However, accepting this proposition is not a simple decision for Dr. Freud. Leaving their homeland and abandoning the people to face inevitable peril is not a choice he can easily make.

The true essence of the play begins when an unidentified individual, claiming to be God, appears before Dr. Freud. This enigmatic encounter sets the stage for a philosophical and existential exploration.

Production Team:

  • Producer: Shahab Hosseini
  • Composer: Alireza Saatchian
  • Executive Director: Ahmad Saatchian
  • Artistic Director: Shahab Hosseini
  • Set Designer: Manouchehr Shojai
  • Translator: Omid Razi
  • First Assistant Director and Public Relations Manager: Maryam Sepehri
  • Production Manager: Mahmoud Akbarshahi
  • Second Assistant Director: Fatemeh Arab Kermani

"Uninvited Guest" promises to be a thought-provoking and introspective journey, exploring the complexities of choices, identity, and the human psyche. Under the skillful direction and creative vision of the production team, this theatrical experience is bound to captivate audiences and spark contemplation.

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  • Release date : Jan. 4, 2024
  • Director : Shahab Hosseini
  • Actors: Shahab Hosseini Shahab Hosseini, Mehdi Bajestani Mehdi Bajestani
  • Writer : Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
  • Genre : drama
  • IMDB Rating : 7
  • Language : Persian
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  • Tags: فیلم‌ تئاتر ملاقات کننده molaghat konande Molaghat Konandeh