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Miss Julie

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Miss Julie : تله تئاتر میس جولی : "Miss Julie," written by August Strindberg, revolves around the story of Miss Julie, a young aristocratic woman who falls in love with her servant, setting off a chain of events driven by their ill-fated union.

Starring Samira Hassampour, Ayoub Aghakhani, and Maryam Vatanpour, the teletheater production brings this classic tale to life on stage, exploring themes of class, desire, and societal norms.

Additionally, the online screening of teletheaters "A Simple Acquaintance" and "Woman's Share," directed by Mohammad Ghanbari, continues on the Tival platform.

Mohammad Ghanbari's efforts in creating teletheater productions aim to revitalize this art form in the private sector and document theatrical performances for posterity. Through these productions, Ghanbari seeks to preserve and promote theater as a cultural heritage while adapting it to modern digital platforms for wider accessibility.