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Marge Fidel : فیلم تئاتر مرگ فیدل : The new play "Death of Fidel" by Arash Sanjabi is set to captivate audiences with its unique storyline and talented ensemble. Written and directed by Arash Sanjabi and produced by Meysam Moghadam, the play debuted in 2018 and is categorized under film and theater.

"Death of Fidel" features a distinguished cast of Iranian theater actors including Pouya Amini, Maryam Masoumi, Niloufar Parsa, Mahnoosh Sadeghi, Iman Esfahani, Marieh Mashallahy, Parham Amini, Mehrdad Sanjabi, Amir Teymouri, Ladan Parvin, Pegah Allahverdi, and features Niloufar Lari Pour. This new production promises to deliver an intriguing theatrical experience, exploring complex themes and showcasing the depth of Iranian theatrical talent.

Niloofar Parsa
Niloofar Parsa
April 16, 1991
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