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Khordeh Naan : خرده نان: "A Loaf of Bread" tells the story of a middle-aged couple who, while reflecting on their dreams, memories, and unfulfilled desires, unexpectedly encounter an incident in their neighborhood.

Director's Note: "The Theater Group of Bistoon" is proud to present a new play called "A Loaf of Bread" after our successful performances of "Suddenly Pit Helbi," "Follow Me," and others. We greatly appreciate your support and satisfaction with our previous shows. We have worked hard to bring you another quality production and are excited to be your hosts once again. Your satisfaction and companionship mean a lot to us. Join us on this journey.

About the Playwright Louis Calaferte (1928-1994): Louis Calaferte was a novelist, poet, and playwright known for his works, which included more novels and poetry than plays. However, one of his most renowned plays is "A Loaf of Bread." This play has been performed multiple times due to its universal themes and enduring relevance, and you can still find productions of it in various countries. "A Loaf of Bread" won the Henrik Ibsen Award in 1978, and Louis Calaferte himself received the prestigious French National Literature Prize in 1992.

It's worth noting that "A Loaf of Bread" has not had a public performance in Tehran to date. The play's recognition and awards emphasize its significance in the world of literature and theater.

Reza Behboudi
Reza Behboudi
June 23, 1971
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