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Boofe Nachandaan Koor : نمایش بوف نه چندان کور : The theater production "Not So Blind Owl," featuring actors Masoud Keramati and Rahim Norouzi, offers a unique interpretation of Sadegh Hedayat's complex and profound novel "The Blind Owl." Recognized for its intricate narrative and symbolic depth, "The Blind Owl" is often considered a challenging read, necessitating multiple readings to fully grasp its meanings.

This theatrical adaptation provides a different perspective on Hedayat's masterpiece, potentially aiding audiences in understanding the intricate layers and themes of the original novel. The play, "Not So Blind Owl," has been made available for exclusive viewing on YouTube, bringing this distinctive interpretation to a broader audience. The Iranian Movie Theater's production of "Boofe Na Chandan Koor" presents an opportunity to experience Hedayat's literary world in a new light, through the lens of live performance.

Masoud Karamati
Masoud Karamati
July 31, 1956
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