Zir Khaki

سریال زیرخاکی | Jan. 4, 2020

Zir-e Khaki (Under the Soil): زیرخاکی : Zir-e Khaki is an Iranian television series created and directed by Jalil Saman, with production oversight by Reza Nasiri Nia. The series features prominent actors Pejman Jamshidi and Zhaleh Sameti in lead roles. Its first season premiered on May 26, 2020, on Channel One, and the second season followed on May 26, 2021. Additionally, the third season was broadcast during the Iranian New Year in 2022.

Plot Summary: This historical-comedy television series is set in the 1950s and 1960s in Iran and revolves around a man's quest to find treasure buried underground. Throughout the narrative, he becomes entangled in various challenges, including his arrest for distributing anti-monarchy leaflets, assisting his brother in repairing army missiles, and more. Interestingly, he remains oblivious and indifferent to the unfolding events and revolutions in Iran, focusing solely on his own pursuits.

Series Symbol: The series symbol, designed to align with the treasure theme, incorporates an ancient coin with a golden-orange hue, reminiscent of old coins. The coin, like ancient ones, lacks perfect circular precision. The series name, situated in the middle of the coin, is not written in Kufic script but rather employs Islamic-Iranian lines, reminiscent of ancient …