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Yaaghoote Kabood

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Yaghoote Kabood سریال یاقوت کبود : (Persian Dubbed): Family Drama Unfolds in a Tale of Love, Loss, and Revenge"

Description: "Follow the gripping saga of the Golsooy family as they navigate perilous paths filled with desires, love, revenge, and injustice, all stemming from a fateful incident one night. Centered around three brothers, the Golsooy family reunites after the eldest son returns from America. However, turmoil ensues as their patriarch, disillusioned, abandons the household. Upon their mother's plea, accompanied by his two brothers, Yaman and Okan, they return to reclaim and expand their family business. Now, it's time for unity among Atash, Yaman, and Okan. Yaman decides to propose to Feraye upon his brother's return. As Feraye and Yaman count down to their wedding and risk everything to confess their love, a heartbreaking incident on her birthday shatters their lives. Meanwhile, Atash faces new adversaries and confronts his brothers with decisions to protect his family and loved ones. To continue the journey, delve into the Turkish series 'Yaqoot Kabood.'"