Siyah Chaalehe | Season-1 | Episode-10

"Siyah Chaleh" is an Iranian television series that you can watch on Iran-TV. The main cast includes Hassan Pourshirazi, Jale Samati, Mehran Ahmadi, Shahreh Soltani, and Elnaz Habibi.

Synopsis: The storyline revolves around an old house and an unexpected discovery – an oil pipeline running through the basement. Upon realizing the value of this discovery, the residents decide to sell the property and capitalize on the oil income. However, their seemingly straightforward plan soon entangles them in the complexities of national security, leading to unforeseen challenges and events.

Enjoy watching "Siyah Chaleh" as it delves into the intersection of personal endeavors and national interests, with a touch of suspense and drama.

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  • Release date : April 21, 2023
  • Director : Hossein Namazi
  • Actors: Abbas Jamshidifar Abbas Jamshidifar, Hassan Pourshirazi Hassan Pourshirazi, Elnaz Habibi Elnaz Habibi, Mehran Ahmadi Mehran Ahmadi, Gholam Reza Nikkhah Gholam Reza Nikkhah, Behrang Alavi Behrang Alavi, Zhaleh Sameti Zhaleh Sameti, Biyook Mirzaei Biyook Mirzaei
  • Writer : Mohammad Ali Hosseini
  • Genre : comedy
  • IMDB Rating :
  • Language : Persian
  • Trailer :
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