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Shabahangi : شب آهنگی :  Hamed Ahangi, a presenter and comedian, has taken over the third season of "Shab Ahangi" after a hiatus of one and a half years.

According to ISNA, Ahangi has previously directed and hosted two seasons of the "Shab Ahangi" program. The first season aired in 1400 (2021) with 30 episodes on Namayesh Khaneh network, followed by the second season in 1400-1401 (2021-2022), also consisting of 30 episodes.

Now, after the broadcast of two seasons of "Shab Ahangi" and a gap of one and a half years since the second season, the third season of the program is in production and ready for airing.

During this interval, Hamed Ahangi hosted the "TN TV" program in 1401-1402 (2022-2023) for Namayesh Khaneh network.