Shaarik Jorm | Season-1 | Episode-4


Serial Irani Naato سریال ایرانی ناتو - Watch on Iran-TV

Guests of the program: #Sima_Tirandaz, #Metin_Stoudeh, #Shahrzad_Kamal_Zadeh, #Amir_Hossein_Rostami, #Behnam_Tashkar and #Homan_Baraq_Nord

Summary of the story: "There are several players in the reality show "#NAATO". During the competition, they are asked 10 difficult and sometimes funny questions and the players must work together to find the correct answer. If the players answer each question correctly, they will receive an amount as a reward, and for each wrong answer, the same amount will be deducted from their reward. Among these players, one person has the role of "#NAATO". "#NAATO" is someone who already knows the answer to all questions. Apart from the player who plays the role of "#NATO", no one, even the host of the program, knows about the identity of this player."

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  • Release date : Dec. 3, 2023
  • Director : Homayoun Asaadian
  • Actors: Alireza Khamseh Alireza Khamseh, Sara Bahrami Sara Bahrami, Elmira Dehghani Elmira Dehghani, Alireza Sanifar Alireza Sanifar
  • Writer : Amir arabi
  • Genre : crime
  • IMDB Rating :
  • Language : Persian
  • Trailer :
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  • Tags: SHARIKE_JORM SHARIKE_JORM سریال تماشای آنلاین شریک جرم سریال شریک جرم قسمت 1 Sharik e Jorm