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Sedaato | مسابقه صداتو

Sedaato : مسابقه صداتو : Experience the allure of "Sedato," an Iranian TV show that combines mystery and music in an engaging competition. Renowned actors, including Mohsen Kiaei, Shabnam Moghadami, Mohammad Bahrani, Mohsen Sharifian, and Amir Mehdi Joule, grace the screen, adding their unique charm to the program.

Synopsis: "Sedato" unfolds as a mysterious and captivating music competition, featuring the versatile Mohsen Kiaei in a role like never before. Esteemed personalities such as Shabnam Moghadami, Mohammad Bahrani, Mohsen Sharifian, and Amir Mehdi Johle take on the role of guides, steering participants through this entertaining musical journey.

The show's enigmatic and musical ambiance sets the stage for thrilling and unprecedented events, captivating both the audience and participants alike. The diverse array of Iranian and Eastern musical styles showcased in "Sedato" introduces viewers to a specially crafted design, offering a fresh and vibrant perspective.

In a twist of fate, the main character faces unexpected challenges, losing his parents in a series of mysterious events. Unveiling the revelation that their predicament is the result of a spell cast by the Evil Devil, he embarks on a courageous journey to rescue them.

Tune in to "Sedato" on Iran-TV for an immersive experience that blends mystery, music, and a rich cultural tapestry, promising a one-of-a-kind viewing adventure.



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    مسابقه صداتو
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    June 1, 2023

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