سریال سرگیجه | Jan. 17, 2023

Sargijeh – سریال سرگیجه - A Domestic Drama Series

Overview: "Sargijeh" is an Iranian domestic drama series directed by Behrang Tofighi and produced by Mehdi Badrlou, released in the year 2022 (1401 in the Persian calendar).

Plot: The story revolves around Peyman, who becomes entangled in a family misunderstanding with Kamran. Speculations arise that Peyman might have killed Kamran. The narrative explores the events that unfold, potentially at the cost of Peyman's life.


  • Hamed Behdad: Portrays Peyman Puyesh, the husband of Fariba, and the father of Artin, Kamran's friend and colleague.
  • Rana Azadivar: Plays Fariba Maqdam, Peyman's wife and Artin's mother.
  • Shabnam Moghaddami: Appears as Parisa Shams, Kamran's wife and Melodi's mother.
  • Mehraveh Sharifinia: Takes on the role of Sahar Sepehri, the legal consultant of the company.
  • Hooman Seyedi : Portrays Lieutenant Reza Badi'i, the case officer.
  • Hadi Hajazifar: Plays Kamran Zahedi, Parisa's husband and Melodi's father.
  • Payam Dehkordi: Appears as Bahram Samadi, the company's deputy and Kamran's friend.
  • Farid Sajjadi Hosseini: Portrays Naser Puyesh, Peyman's father.
  • Erfan Naseri: Appears as Kaveh.
  • Ali Omrani: Takes on the role of Jalal Zahedi, Kamran's brother.
  • Jorge Hashemzadeh: Plays Jahan, Jalal's friend and colleague.
  • Shayeste Sajjadi: Portrays Melodi Zahedi, Parisa and …