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Raze Bagha | راز بقا

Raze Bagha : راز بقا : is an Iranian domestic drama television series in the thriller genre, directed by Saeed Aghakhani, produced by Seyed Mostafa Ahmadi, and written by Amir Vafaei. It premiered on Filimo platform in March 2022.

Synopsis: Rahim is a young and troublesome man whose actions cause distress to his family, his friend Iraj, and the neighborhood residents. After stealing a shipment of COVID-19 vaccines from smugglers, he is imprisoned. Upon his release, Rahim is kidnapped by the smugglers, who attempt to kill him, but he survives and escapes. Later, it becomes apparent to everyone that Rahim is different from others—he doesn't die like normal people, which makes him popular among the community. However, he soon finds himself entangled in other crises, leading to a point where his true identity becomes unknown, and he begins living under a different identity...



  • Original title
  • Alternative titles
    راز بقا
  • Director
    Saeid Aghakhani
  • Writer
    Amir vafaei
  • Country
  • Release day
  • Release date
    July 9, 2023

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