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Panj Rooz Dar Memorial

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Panj Rooz Dar Memorial : ۵ روز در بیمارستان مموریال "Panj Rooz Dar Memorial": A Dramatic Series Reflecting on the Impact of Natural Disasters

"Panj Rooz Dar Memorial" is a compelling medical drama series that explores how sometimes, a major and severe storm itself can be a calm before a much larger tragedy.

Over the past few years, we have experienced two very significant floods that inflicted considerable damage to our communities and, most importantly, our loved ones. Of course, we are not talking about minor floods and storms that cause only partial damage. Even if we ourselves were not directly affected by these disasters, we followed the news of these heavy events from afar and know exactly the kind of devastation severe floods and storms can bring about. One of these extraordinary and catastrophic storms was Hurricane Katrina, which occurred in 2005. Perhaps some of you remember the horrendous devastation that this hurricane brought to New Orleans.