سریال اسکار | Jan. 8, 2024

Oscaar : اسکار : مهران مدیری : a reality show hosted by Mehran Modiri, has finally made its way to the Filimo platform for home viewing. This reality show, which follows Modiri's recent activities after creating the series "Dracula," is both entertaining and captivating. Let's take a closer look at this engaging program.

Format of the Oscars Competition:

The "Oscars" program is a challenge-oriented and comedic reality show featuring celebrity guests, all of whom are well-known figures. In each season, four celebrities take on challenges specified by Mehran Modiri. At the end of each four-part season, the execution of their challenges is reviewed by the host and his assistant, Nima Shaban-Nejad, along with the audience. The participants receive scores, and the winner of the season is determined by accumulating points from each challenge. Additionally, the participant with the lowest score is assigned a social responsibility task.

In essence, each participant strives to complete their challenge in the most creative way possible, competing for an Oscar trophy. Therefore, the name "Oscars" is chosen for this competition or program.

Broadcast Time on Filimo:

The program is scheduled to be available on Filimo starting from 18 Dey (January 7th). It will be …