سریال اکازیون | March 20, 2024

Okaazion : سریال اکازیون : "Occasion" (اکازیون) is a TV series set in the 1970s. The story revolves around Rahim, who plans to continue his studies in Canada. However, he discovers that he is banned from leaving the country, a situation orchestrated by his uncle, Mohsen. Rahim must find a solution to overcome this unexpected hurdle.

The series will be broadcast exclusively on Namava for the Nowruz 1403 (Iranian New Year in 2024). The exact airing time of the "Occasion" series has not yet been announced. Updates regarding the broadcast schedule will be provided on this page as soon as they become available.

The show is expected to delve into the challenges and social issues of the 1970s, combining drama with elements of Iranian cultural and historical context. Keep an eye on the Namava platform for the latest information on the airing schedule and more details about the series.