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Noon Khe 5 | سریال نون خ

Noon Khe 5 : سریال نون خ فصل پنجم : "The Noon-Kh" is an Iranian television series directed by Saeed Aghakhani, produced by Mehdi Faraji, and written by Amir Vafaei. It premiered on Network One (Shabakeh-ye Yek) from Nowruz 1398 (March 2019). "Noon-Kh" is originally derived from the name of the main character of the series, Nooraldin Khanzadeh. Five seasons of the series have been produced so far, airing on Network One and Tamasha Network during the Nowruz holidays of the years 1398, 1399, 1400, 1402, and 1403. The fifth season of the series is currently being broadcast on Network One.

Production for the series "Noon-Kh" commenced in Kermanshah Province, portraying the atmosphere of this region. Throughout various episodes of the series, songs by artists from Kurdish and Azerbaijani regions of Kermanshah Province, such as Mazhar Khalqi, Hasan Zirak, and Hossein Safamanesh, have been utilized.

Another issue in the series is the setting where the main story unfolds, referring to a village that the actors insist on calling a "city," which in the first season caused negative reactions from the Kurdish community in Iran. The failure to depict Kurdish cities and their landscapes accurately is another serious problem in this series.



  • Original title
  • Alternative titles
    سریال نون خ
  • Director
    Saeed Aghakhani
  • Writer
    Saeed Aghakhani
  • Country
  • Release day
  • Release date
    April 4, 2024

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