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Mehmooni | Mehmooni

Mehmooni : مجموعه مهمونی 1403It seems like the new neighborhood of Mr. Tahmasb, recently moved into, brings a lively atmosphere with its adjacent wedding hall, introducing new puppet characters into his life, each adding their unique flavor to unfolding events.

Characters include the lead singer of the unruly band and the close friend of the DJ, the music arranger and DJ himself who is also a dear friend of Shabash, and the hall's waiter who constantly dreams that the man of his dreams will come to her on a horse.

Additionally, there's the hall and Mr. Tahmasb's home chef, who's a long-time and trusted servant, and a motherly figure to the child. An insect living in Mr. Tahmasb's house, also a close friend of his and a fly, enjoys bothering people most of the time.

However, it seems that Mr. Tahmasb's magic continues to enchant and weave through these new interactions and relationships, leading to entertaining and heartwarming scenarios.



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