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"Mastooraan" is an Iranian television series with the first season directed by Masoud Abparvar and Seyed Jamal Seyyed Hatami, and the second season directed by Seyed Ali Hashemi. The series was produced for IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) by Ouj Artistic Media Organization. Hamidreza Azarang, Nazanin Farahani, Bijan Banafshehkhah, and Roya Miralami are among the cast members. The narrative of "Mastooraan" is a combination of ancient Iranian stories such as "One Thousand and One Nights," "Khosrow and Shirin," "Golestan," and "Shahnameh," set in a city called "Mastooraan" in Iran about five hundred years ago.

Season One: The first season of "Mastooraan" tells an ancient tale from the Safavid and Ghaznavid eras. The story involves the raid of a savage tribe, resulting in the mysterious abduction of a child and the tragic fate of his grieving mother. She is determined to reclaim her child at any cost, facing numerous obstacles along the way.

Season Two: Twenty years after the events of the first season, Lotfali succeeds in meeting Moonereh, the ruler of Mastooraan. This encounter marks the beginning of a beautiful and adventurous love story. Unaware that Moonereh has been waiting for him since childhood and, on the other hand, a powerful man dreams of reaching Moonereh.

The series is an imaginative and free adaptation of the novel "Mastooraan" by Mohammad Hanif. The first season aired from Tir 2 to Tir 31, 1401, and the second season premiered on Azar 28, 1402, both on IRIB's Channel 1.

Hamidreza Azarang
Hamidreza Azarang
May 23, 1972
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Roya Mirelmi
Roya Mirelmi
Sept. 1, 1978
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Bijan Banafshekhah
Bijan Banafshekhah
March 9, 1973
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