Mageh Tamoome Omr Chanta Bahaareh

Mageh Tamoome Omr Chanta Bahaareh

مگه تمام عمر چند تا بهاره | June 15, 2023

Stage : End Season 1 Release : None

Maghe Tamoom Omr Chand Ta Bahare? مگه تمام عمر چند تا بهاره : (How Many Springs in a Lifetime?)

"Maghe Tamoom Omr Chand Ta Bahari" is an Iranian television series in the genres of comedy and social, directed by Soroush Sehat and produced by Mohammad Reza Takhtkeshian. The series, released in 1402, features a screenplay by Soroush Sehat and Iman Safaie.

Synopsis: The tranquil life of the Rabani family takes an unexpected turn with the appearance of an unwanted snake, the discovery of a valuable handwritten document, and the mysterious hole, leading to significant changes in their lives.


  • Ali Mosaffa
  • Qodratollah Izadi
  • Kazem Siahi
  • Anahita Afshar
  • Majid Yousefi
  • Gilda Vaishki
  • Bijan Banafshehkhah
  • Hassan Nouri
  • Ardeshir Kazemi
  • Eynollah Daryaii
  • Bahar Katouzi
  • Vahid Aghapour
  • Mohammad Nadri
  • Amin Safi
  • Ehsan Mansouri
  • Parvaneh Afsar
  • Zahra Foddeh

"Maghe Tamoom Omr Chand Ta Bahari" boasts a talented cast, including renowned actors from the Iranian entertainment industry. The series explores the comedic and social aspects of the Rabani family's life, intertwining unexpected events that bring humor and excitement.

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Director :

Soroush Sehat

Writer :

Soroush Sehat

Release Date :

June 15, 2023

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