سریال ترکی کبرا | April 4, 2024

Kubra : سریال ترکی کبرا : The series "Kubra" is an exciting Turkish drama consisting of 10 episodes, each lasting 60 minutes. It is based on a novel of the same name by Afsin Kum, a famous Turkish author. The story is set in 2023 on the outskirts of Istanbul and revolves around Gokhan, a former soldier who works in a factory and tries to improve his life for marriage with his love, Zeynep. However, Gokhan's life takes a turn when he receives messages from a user named Kübra on an online dating platform. Kubra appears to be an advanced artificial intelligence capable of predicting the future and introduces Gokhan as a "chosen one." Kubra tells Gokhan that he must carry out a series of missions to save the world from a disaster caused by a grand conspiracy.