Khodkardeh Ra Tadbir Nist | Season-1 | Episode-7

Khodkardeh Ra Tadbir Nist : سریال خودکرده را تدبیر نیست : The narrative kicks off with Serkan entering Alize's life on her birthday, a momentous event that promises either a gift or a profound test for her. Alize, upon discovering her father's imminent marriage, hatches a playful plan to teach him a lesson. However, her innocent intentions spiral into unforeseen consequences, propelling Alize into an entirely new life. Faced with a pivotal choice—adapt to the new rules or surrender—she sets the stage for a gripping tale.

Driven by her stubbornness and determination, Alize clashes with the equally resolute Serkan. Amidst her efforts to acclimate to her transformed life, she stumbles upon a hidden secret of Serkan's. Returning home with hopes of reclaiming her old life, Alize encounters disappointment, unaware of the collaboration between Serkan and her father. This revelation sets off a chain of events challenging her resilience.

In her quest to navigate the unfamiliar terrain, Alize finds solace in her work at a hotel—the one place where she feels truly independent. However, when even this sanctuary is under threat, she must summon her strength to fight back. As the series unfolds, a tapestry of secrets and unexpected events tests the relationship between Alize and Serkan. Amidst a complex web of truths and lies, their growing feelings for each other add another layer of complexity to their journey.

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  • Release date : Dec. 16, 2023
  • Director : None
  • Actors:
  • Writer : None
  • Genre : romance
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  • Language : Persian
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  • Tags: Khodkardeh Ra Tadbir Nist سریال خودکرده را تدبیر نیست خودکرده را تدبیر نیست سریال خودکرده را تدبیر نیست دوبله فارسی بازیگران سریال خود کرده را تدبیر نیست با اسامی نقش ها
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