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Khodkardeh Ra Tadbir Nist

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Khodkardeh Ra Tadbir Nist : سریال خودکرده را تدبیر نیست : The narrative kicks off with Serkan entering Alize's life on her birthday, a momentous event that promises either a gift or a profound test for her. Alize, upon discovering her father's imminent marriage, hatches a playful plan to teach him a lesson. However, her innocent intentions spiral into unforeseen consequences, propelling Alize into an entirely new life. Faced with a pivotal choice—adapt to the new rules or surrender—she sets the stage for a gripping tale.

Driven by her stubbornness and determination, Alize clashes with the equally resolute Serkan. Amidst her efforts to acclimate to her transformed life, she stumbles upon a hidden secret of Serkan's. Returning home with hopes of reclaiming her old life, Alize encounters disappointment, unaware of the collaboration between Serkan and her father. This revelation sets off a chain of events challenging her resilience.

In her quest to navigate the unfamiliar terrain, Alize finds solace in her work at a hotel—the one place where she feels truly independent. However, when even this sanctuary is under threat, she must summon her strength to fight back. As the series unfolds, a tapestry of secrets and unexpected events tests the relationship between Alize and Serkan. Amidst a complex web of truths and lies, their growing feelings for each other add another layer of complexity to their journey.