Khaen Koshi | Season-1 | Episode-1

Khaeen Kooshi Serial Irani Khaeen Kooshi سریال ایرانی خائن کشی - Watch on Iran TV


Mehran Madiri, Farhad Aish, Sam Derakhshani, Elham Hamidi, Amir Aghaei, Andisheh Foladvand, Pardis Pourabdini, Polad Kimiaei, Hamidreza Azarang, Reza Yazdani, Sara Bahrami, Narges Mohammadi, Panthea Bahram, Nasim Adabi, Fariba Naderi, Shakib Shajareh and...


Khaeen Kooshi series is a story of friendship and humanity that is told in the 30s and it is about a shot thief who was caught by the police and before  to prison he leaves all his possessions to his best friend. But in the end, his friend betrayed him and this incident causes him to escape from prison to try his traitorous friend and this is the beginning of a new story that..

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  • Release date : Aug. 25, 2023
  • Director : Masoud Kimiayi
  • Actors: Mehran Modiri Mehran Modiri, Narges Mohammadi Narges Mohammadi, Amir Aghaei Amir Aghaei, Pantea Bahram Pantea Bahram, Sara Bahrami Sara Bahrami, Reza Yazdani Reza Yazdani, Sam Derakhshani Sam Derakhshani, Poulad Kimiayi Poulad Kimiayi, Farhad Aeish Farhad Aeish, Elham Hamidi Elham Hamidi, Fariba Naderi Fariba Naderi
  • Writer : Masoud Kimiayi
  • Genre : crime
  • IMDB Rating :
  • Language : Persian
  • Trailer :
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  • Tags: سریال ایرانی خائن کشی خائن کشی سریال خائن کشی دانلود سریال خائن کشی KHAEN KOSHY KHAEN KOSHY SERYAL