Joker | Season-5 | Episode-1

Joker : The reality show "Joker" has been prepared for a special broadcast of Filimo in a different and comedic atmosphere. In this fascinating and fun competition, a number of famous artistic, sports, social, etc. figures compete in a closed room to make each other laugh, but the main challenge is that they themselves should not laugh.

The Joker Competition, has a moderator and presenter or host. In each season, the 8 artists have 6 hours to laugh at each other in a house equipped with all the facilities, with different programs, and remove them from the game, without laughing themselves.

The general space of the room where the participants are present and where the competition is held, has a design similar to the home space and has a living room and a kitchen. There is also an accessory and makeup room next to the participants' room. Participants go to this room whenever they want during the game and bring a tool from there or make a change in their appearance so that they can make others laugh with it.

The program has a host who also acts as the referee of the match. He has a separate room with a space similar to a monitoring room, where he sits during the race and monitors the participants. Whenever the host sees one of the participants laughing from their room monitors, he stops the game with the red button in front of him. He then goes to the playroom and fines the offending participant by showing a slow laughter scene. After that, he returns to his room and announces the continuation of the match with the green button.

Terms and conditions
The Joker is a comedy contest in which eight participants are locked up in a large room for a period of time. The participants of this competition are famous artists. Everyone should laugh at others during the match and not laugh at the same time. Each participant who laughs receives a yellow card the first time and is fined a second time with a red card and expelled from the room.

Each participant also has a special opportunity of laughing on a limited time as Joker Time that he can use whenever he wants. In this opportunity, others must pay full attention to him and are not allowed to do anything else, and during this time, the person performs a special performance to make others laugh.

Participants use different methods to make others laugh and perform different types of comedy. These include: comedy performances, characterization and typography, verbal jokes, comic music performances, stand-up comedy performances, the use of various accessories and tools such as dolls and funny costumes, parodying famous works, physical comedy, and so on.

Also, from time to time, a guest enters the contest to be able to make the participants laugh by performing stand-up comedy, telling jokes, playing a game, and so on.

Each participant who receives a red card and is eliminated from the competition, comes to the host room and watches the continuation of the competition with him. The host can also, at his own discretion, return the deleted participant as Zombie to the room for a certain period of time to make others laugh. With the elimination of the participants, the last person to stay in the room wins the contest and wins the statuette and the grand prize. It will also advance to the finalists section.

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  • Release date : Nov. 27, 2021
  • Director : Siamak Anasari
  • Actors: Amir Mahdi Jule Amir Mahdi Jule, Abbas Jamshidifar Abbas Jamshidifar, Iman Safa Iman Safa, Siamak Ansari Siamak Ansari, Gholam Reza Nikkhah Gholam Reza Nikkhah, Houman Barghnavard Houman Barghnavard, Bijan Banafshekhah Bijan Banafshekhah, Behnam Tashakkor Behnam Tashakkor
  • Writer : Siamak Anasari
  • Genre : realityshow
  • IMDB Rating :
  • Language : Persian
  • Trailer :
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