سریال جوکر | Nov. 27, 2021

Joker : The reality show "Joker" has been prepared for a special broadcast of Filimo in a different and comedic atmosphere. In this fascinating and fun competition, a number of famous artistic, sports, social, etc. figures compete in a closed room to make each other laugh, but the main challenge is that they themselves should not laugh.

The Joker Competition, has a moderator and presenter or host. In each season, the 8 artists have 6 hours to laugh at each other in a house equipped with all the facilities, with different programs, and remove them from the game, without laughing themselves.

The general space of the room where the participants are present and where the competition is held, has a design similar to the home space and has a living room and a kitchen. There is also an accessory and makeup room next to the participants' room. Participants go to this room whenever they want during the game and bring a tool from there or make a change in their appearance so that they can make others laugh with it.

The program has a host who also acts as the referee of the match. He has a separate …