Jangale Asphalt

سریال جنگل آسفالت | March 22, 2024

Jangale Asphalt : سریال جنگل آسفالت : In "Jangale Asphalt" we meet Hengameh, a 25-year-old woman faced with a significant crisis: her younger brother, Danial, is on the brink of execution following a past conflict. Hengameh is determined to do whatever it takes to gather the demanded sum by the victim's family to save her brother.

The series features Navid Mohammadzadeh, known for his compelling performances, particularly in films that have unfortunately been leaked prior to their official releases. This year, despite having three major films set for release, none made it to theaters as they were leaked beforehand. "Jangale Asphalt" showcases the gritty reality of life's struggles, echoing the turmoil and desperation faced by those caught in the crossfire of societal and personal dilemmas.