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Iran Az Baala

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Iran Az Baala : مستند ایران از بالا : The latest documentary on Iran's national television, titled "Iran from Above," focusing on the geography and environmental diversity of our country, will soon be broadcast on IRIB Channel One. In light of this, we had a conversation with Iman Goodarzi, the producer and director of this captivating documentary series.

Goodarzi stated about the documentary: "Iran from Above" visually showcases the attractions of our country's provinces throughout four seasons. In this documentary, viewers will witness various and diverse plant and animal species, presented on IRIB for the first time. Additionally, historical structures and ancient sites of provinces and cities are another aspect featured in this documentary.

Goodarzi emphasized: "Iran from Above" also introduces the economic capacities in various fields such as agriculture and livestock. We have included everything from the beauty and culture of Iran, historical structures, special sports venues both in ancient times and contemporary eras, to local markets and the economic aspects of agriculture. The goal is to convey the beauty of Iran to the audience through this documentary.

This 31-episode documentary is filmed with helicopter shots, marking the first time that documentary series on IRIB are entirely recorded using this technology, undoubtedly adding to the allure of the project.